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Travis Scott's "Astroworld" is Releasing Friday

The wait is over.

Through a series of Instagram and Twitter posts, Travis Scott announced that his 3rd official album, "Astroworld" will be releasing this Friday, August 3rd. This included taking original clips from the Astroworld theme park and Travis creating his own space-themed and apocalyptic landscpaes. In the background, the track that he has been teasing at concerts, "Stargazing" is playing is almost all clips as well. Below is the trailer he delivered to YouTube this afternoon:

For Travis Scott fans, patience really is a virtue. Over two years ago, Travis announced at a concert that after "Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight" released, his next project would be called "Astroworld". Fans have waited anxiously for him to drop it, with La Flame saying it was "coming soon" countless times, and instead dropped a couple of singles in May 2017, and a collaboration album with Quavo in December called "Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho". Astroworld season officially started in May 2018, as he released "Watch" which featured Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West. Throughout early July, Travis apparently finished Astroworld during a trip to Hawaii, and through twitter accounts like @RodeoTheAlbum fans were able to get clues on who could be on the album. Artists such as The Weeknd, Gunna, Nav, Don Toliver and Cactus Jack Records signee Sheck Wes were in Hawaii at the time, and producers such as the legendary Mike Dean, WondaGurl, and Sonny Digital were also in Hawaii. Many fans believed Astroworld was going to be released on July 13th but it did not, and looking back, Travis likely finished the album that day, and Mike Dean has been mixing it ever since. Over the past couple of days, random enlarged and blown-up Travis Scott heads were found in a number of locations, including Houston and Times Square, New York City. It is widely believed that this design is going to be used for the album's cover art. Below is an image of one of the heads:

Right now, the only reported confirmed features for Astroworld are Sheck Wes and Don Toliver, although nothing is official until the album releases. Quavo may also be on the album if "Re-Run", a single many wish was on HJJH, is on the tracklist, which is a possibility. It's been a long wait, and as a long time La Flame fan, I couldn't be more excited. Travis has clearly invested a lot of time into this album, you can tell just from the trailer and the mass marketing he's put out. Astroworld is one of the most anticipated and hyped releases of the year, and the pressure is on Trav to deliver. Regardless of how great the album is (which I'm sure it'll be great) the project will do numbers on the charts.

Now, instead of waiting for weeks, months, years, we now wait 4 more days. It's time.

It's time to rage.

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