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Young Thug & YSL's "Slime Language": Album Review

On Young Thug's birthday this year, he decided to give the rap industry and its fans a present by releasing his new project, titled "Slime Language". This was another anticipated release that was speculated for weeks to come. Thugger teamed up with the YSL record label and together have created 15 songs for the album. Thug is in 14 of the 15 songs, but only has 2 tracks where it is just himself rapping.

Young Thug is coming off of last year's album, which was called "Beautiful Thugger Girls" and he wanted it to be country-esque. I enjoyed it, as the tracks "Family Don't Matter" and "Relationships" stayed in my listening rotation for a while. Thug is a very hit-or-miss artist, as a lot of people love his unique sound and plethora of creative voices he uses, but just as many people also dislike him for the same reason. Regardless of what people think, Thug is truly a pioneer of his sound, paving a way for artists such as Gunna, Lil Baby, and Don Toliver to be successful.

Before I release my thoughts of the album, I will say that "Slime Language" is flooded with features, as it is a collaboration with YSL. Gunna is on here a whopping 4 times (which I'm not complaining about), Duke and HiDoraah each make two appearances, and Karlae, Tracy T, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Keed, Jacquees, Trap Boy Freddy, Strick, Dolly, and Nechie make one appearance each. That's a lot of features on a 15-song album, so for me, the pressure is on Thugger to impress.

Album Review and Thoughts

I'll just come out and say it, this project is very underwhelming for me. I was going to review this track-by-track but I honestly zoned out during at least 5 or 6 tracks. There were few tracks that I enjoyed, there were a lot of tracks that were just okay or could have been so much better, and there was a lot of tracks that should not have made the album and I did not enjoy. Thug himself was just okay, there wasn't any memorable moments for me while listening to this, like there was when I listened to "Relationships" or "Floyd Mayweather" on his previous projects. And I understand that "Slime Language" is also fairly dominated by YSL members, but a lot of the features were not impressive either. Below is a track-by-track numerical review, since there is no full review for each track.

1. "Tsunami"- 3/10

2. "U Ain't Slime Enough"featuring Karlae & Duke- 4.5/10

3. "Gain Clout"- 3.5/10

4. "Oh Yeah" featuring HiDoraah- 5/10

5. "Audemar" featuring Tracy T- 4/10

6. "Chanel (Go Get It)" featuring Gunna & Lil Baby- 6/10

7. "Dirty Shoes"featuring Gunna- 7/10

8. "It's a Slime" featuring Lil Uzi Vert- 5.5/10

9. "Scoliosis" featuring Gunna & Duke- 7.5/10

10. "Goin Up" featuring Lil Keed- 2/10

11. "January 1st" featuring Jacquees & Trap Boy Freddy- 3/10

12. "Chains Choking Me"featuring Gunna- 6/10

13. "STS" featuring Strick- 7.5/10

14. "Expensive" featuring HiDoraah & Dolly- 3/10

15. "Slimed In" featuring Nechie- 5.5/10

As shown above, I believe the majority of the tracks on "Slime Language" were average or below-average, with 8 tracks receiving a 5 or below. While I thought most of the tracks were mediocre, there were a few standouts. I thoroughly enjoyed "Scoliosis", as the beat grabbed my attention and Young Thug, Gunna, and Duke's parts were all pretty good. Another standout for me was "STS", as it was a really relaxing track and Strick did a great job on his verse. I have never heard of him before "Slime Language", much like the majority of the features on the album, but he impressed me with his flow and verse, so I might have to go listen to more of his discography. Personally, I think Gunna outperformed everyone on this album, as every feature from him was very good. Gunna is continuing to prove that he is one of the biggest up-and-coming artists, and every feature he's had recently have been enjoyable.

But, with that being said, this album could have easily been trimmed to 7 or 8 songs. Tracks like "Goin Up", "Expensive", "Gain Clout" and "Tsunami" are tracks I won't be coming back to at all, and other songs like "Audemar", "January 1st" and "U Ain't Slime Enough" are forgettable as well. For me, the album doesn't really pick up until the sixth track, "Chanel", which, while Gunna had a great verse, was still somewhat disappointing. The 6-9 songs are the highlight of the album, and it freefalls after that with "Goin Up" and "January 1st". The features, for the most part, were disappointing, as most of the names were very underwhelming. Being on "Slime Language" gives these lesser-known artists a chance to shine, and while artists such as Gunna, Strick and Duke took advantage of that, other artists like HiDoraah, Lil Keed, and Trap Boy Freddy did not and underperformed. And like I said before, Young Thug didn't impress me that much during this album, as only a couple of his verses were impressive and both of his songs with no features weren't good either.

Since a majority of the album is taken up by YSL members, I would consider this more of a collaborative project than a solo album. But solo or collab, this is one of the more disappointing projects of the year. I think that this could have been trimmed down to about 8 or 10 tracks, as there were a lot of fillers that were unimpressive. The ideal track list for me would have been:

1. "Chanel (Go Get It)"

2. "Dirty Shoes"

3. "It's a Slime"

4. "Scoliosis"

5. "Chains Choking Me"

6. "STS"

7. "Slimed In"

My rating for "Slime Language" after a couple of listens is a 4.8/10, which is slightly below average. Young Thug could have done a lot better on this project, as this was not his best work, as well as the YSL crew. Maybe more songs will grow on me with more listens, but for now, this is one of the more disappointing albums of 2018.


FAVORITE TRACKS: "Dirty Shoes" featuring Gunna, "Scoliosis" featuring Gunna & Duke, "STS" featuring Strick

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