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Tobias Harris Traded to the Philadelphia 76ers; First Reactions of the Deal

The hot stove is just getting hotter.

The Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers agreed to a trade on Wednesday morning that sent Tobias Harris and others to the 76ers for an assortment of players and picks. Below is a full description of the deal:

Clippers Receive: Landry Shamet, Mike Muscala, Wilson Chandler, 2020 PHI 1st, 2021 MIA 1st, 2021 PHI 2nd, 2023 PHI 2nd

76ers Receive: Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott

For the second season in a row and for the fourth time in his young career, Tobias Harris has been traded, and he is an unrestricted free agent this summer. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Philadelphia plans to re-sign Harris in the off-season, in hopes of forming a "Big 4" of Harris, Jimmy Butler, Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons. One team is cementing their contending status, the other is beginning their off-season plans early. Here's a look at the trade for both teams.

Philadelphia 76ers

The rich keep getting richer in Philly, as they acquire one of the most underrated and improved players this year in Tobias Harris. Harris will slide in as the 76ers' starting power forward, creating a starting 5 of Simmons, J.J. Redick, Butler, Harris and Embiid. The 76ers needed more shooting on their roster, and while they give up Landry Shamet, Harris steps in as a primary shooter, as he has been one of the most efficient shooters this season. He's shooting 43% from three and has an efficient field goal percentage (or EFG%) of 56%, making him one of the best shooters at his position. He's also been able to make big plays in the clutch and gives Ben Simmons another option to pass out to late in the game. As for the other additions, Boban Marjanovic is an absolute beast and holds the record for the best Player Efficiency Rating (PER) and should be a great backup to Embiid. His minutes will always be limited because of endurance and speed, but he will almost certainly give you dominance in the paint on both ends, and his height allows to grab rebounds with ease. Mike Scott is a solid bench player who has gotten some playing time this year but will probably have to compete with Jonah Bolden for minutes behind Harris. Losing Chandler and Muscala hurts, but Marjanovic replaces Muscala and Zhaire Smith and Furkan Korkmaz will absorb Chandler's minutes. This is another win-now move for the Sixers, and just like with Butler, if Harris does re-sign then this trade is a win. If he leaves, then the 76ers lose a couple of young assets that could have been beneficial in the future.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are actually in the playoff race as of now, but that is sure to fade away now that Harris has been dealt. This is all about the off-season and the future for the Clippers, as they receive a young player, 2 expiring contracts, and picks in return for Harris and 2 veterans. Landry Shamet was an integral part of Philadelphia's rotation down the stretch and proved he was a great shooter, and will be interesting to see what LA does with him down the stretch. He's only a rookie, so the Clippers have three years to work with him and see if he would be in the long-term plans. I don't see Wilson Chandler sticking around much longer, and he'll probably be a buyout candidate after the trade deadline passes. The same can be said for Mike Muscala, although his deal is worth $7 million less than Chandler's, so he could stay for the rest of the season. The Clippers feel that they can go out and sign a premier free agent this summer like Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant, and trading away Harris and Marjanovic gives them more flexibility to make moves in the summer and possibly sign some veterans to lead this young core. This trade also allows them to tank for the rest of the year so they can keep their own pick, as it is lottery-protected this year and would go to Boston if LA is outside the lottery. The picks are what Clippers fans should be the most excited about, especially the 2021 Miami 1st-round pick. Philadelphia received this pick from Phoenix in the Mikal Bridges trade (who first received this pick in the Goran Dragic trade) and has now passed it down to the Clippers. This pick is unprotected, and Miami will probably be in the middle of a rebuilding process by that time, so this could be very valuable. Add on another first rounder in 2020 and two seconds, and this is shaping up to be a good trade for the Clippers. This trade begins another overhaul for the Clips, and look for veterans like Avery Bradley and Patrick Beverley to possibly be traded over the next couple of days. This is looking like it could be a trade that benefits both teams in their opposite missions, and only time will tell who actually won this trade.

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