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Album Review: "FATHER OF 4" Gives Us a Different Side of Offset

The album releases for each Migos member has officially came to an end, as Offset released his first individual project last Friday, titled "FATHER OF 4". Offset has been in and out of the news as of late, most notably for his rumored infidelity with superstar significant other Cardi B. His album was supposed to release in late November, but with his scandal and other events surrounding him, he pushed it back to last week, which was a good move.

Personally, Offset is the best artist to me out of the three Migos members, and before this album dropped I said that if any of the Migos decided to go solo, Offset would have the best chance at success. Quavo is great for hooks and a verse here and there, but can't really support a song individually, and the same can be said for Takeoff, the only difference is Takeoff isn't strong at hooks and re-playable tracks but can deliver a couple of verses without a problem. With Offset you get the best of both worlds, and I believe he has the best flow out of the three as well.

The first track on the album is the self-titled "Father of 4" with features an introductory message from Big Rube that sets the tone for the album. This is arguably one of the most personal songs on the album, but it's actually one of the best and most likable songs off the album. It's dedicated to his kids, and Offset apologizes to them for not being there for them when they were really young, as he was in and out of jail trying to support them. This leads into the next track called "How Did I Get Here" which is self-explanatory. It's a mix of bragging and boasting as well as stating how hard it is to come out of his area successfully. It also has a J. Cole feature, which wasn't too crazy in comparison to his other ones, but was still good. "Lick" is the next track, and there is a lot of talk about coming up poor but eventually becoming rich. The line "Know some savages, they tryna clean up and they won't let 'em / Streets done made my heart so cold, need a whole sweater" is an ode to 21 Savage and his recent arrest, as well as a reference to a song on his recent album, "ball w/o you".

This leads into two bass-rattling tracks courtesy of Metro Boomin and Southside (a.k.a. So Icey Boyz, a new duo) in "Tats On My Face" and "Made Men". These both typical Offset flex songs, but he uses the production to his advantage and is able to freely flow over the beat. He nabs another feature with Gunna on "Wild Wild West", in which drip is frequently used and proves why Gunna is a better feature artist than anything else. We get "North Star" next, which is another personal track that shares some of Offset's scars from his past as well as a possible addiction to lean in this line: "Crown me the king, addiction to lean / But if I can't sip it then mama I can't even sleep". We get a surprise feature from Cee Lo Green, who fits perfectly on this song and sounds amazing. This transitions into "After Dark" which features some incredible production from Metro once again, and Offset does talk more about an addiction to Codeine and possibly a reference to Cardi B.

We get more talk of Cardi on the next track called "Don't Lose Me" where the introduction is Offset's Instagram apology to Cardi B for the infidelity rumors being spread, and he talks a lot about losing her and doing anything to get her back. It's a different side of Offset that we've never seen before, and he makes it work. "Underrated" was one of the more disappointing and bland songs on the album, but it wasn't a bad track. This leads into the star-studded "Legacy" that features Travis Scott and 21 Savage, which could be told as a sequel to Without Warning's "Ghostface Killers". Offset kills his verse and handles the majority of the chorus with ease, La Flame plays a small portion in this track but still talks about his own pain and occasional loneliness, and 21 continues his recent dominance with his verse while also bringing up 6ix9ine's recent case. The next song, "Clout" features some intense and deep production from Southside, in which Cardi B actually makes a feature appearance and holds her own with Offset where they both speak out against people who are clout-chasing.

Next up is "On Fleek" that features a verse from Quavo and some production from Zaytoven. It's a typical Migos song and both Offset and Quavo do very well on this one, with one of my favorite lines from Quavo being; "Little bitty bit, made a drip look easy / Hop on a jet, we leavin', she wanna walk on the water like Jesus". "Quarter Milli" includes some great production from Metro Boomin and a verse from Gucci Mane, but other than that there isn't much to speak about on this one. "Red Room" was the single released before the album, and it's safe to say that it is still one of the best songs Offset has released. It's tough to bring back a traumatic memory like a car crash; especially when it's life-threatening; but Offset faces the memory and tackles it along with his tough upbringing, his previous gang affiliations, and the people around him that he cares about. The album ends with "Came A Long Way" which Offset tells his audience the things he's had to overcome to get to where he is now and how the things he had to illegally steal can now be easily purchased.

The first thing to note about this album is that Offset decided to share some personal aspects about his life and touch upon sensitive objects, which was really great to listen to throughout the album. He had his typical bass-boosting trap hits, but he also had songs that can get you in your feelings and some introspective tracks as well, and I enjoyed the different swings in mood throughout. The production on the album was spectacular, and all credit should go to Metro Boomin, Southside, and Dre Moon for their work on this album. This album wasn't too feature heavy like Quavo's, but it wasn't feature-obscure like Takeoff's; it had the right amount and certain artists like Cee Lo Green, 21 Savage, and Quavo did a great job contributing to this album.

As for Offset, this album further proved that he is the most talented member of the Migos, and I firmly believed he released the best single project out of the three Migos members. It was an enjoyable listen and there aren't many songs I wouldn't go back to. Offset uses the production to his advantage throughout and runs with it, and he is consistently able to deliver two stable or great verses along with a catchy hook, something a lot of his counterparts can't do. He's overcome a lot in his life and he was willing to share it with everyone and ended up making a great album because of it. Do I think he can re-create an album like this with as much substance? Probably not, but I don't see him dropping another solo project for a while, or ever. But Offset deserves a lot of credit on this one, he met the expectations I set for him as well as lot of other people's expectations. I'm giving this album a 7.8/10, as it was a great way to close out the Migos' solo trilogy.


1. "Father of 4"- 10/10

2. "How Did I Get Here"- 7/10

3. "Lick"- 6/10

4. "Tats On My Face"- 8/10

5. "Made Men"- 7.5/10

6. "Wild Wild West"- 7/10

7. "North Star"- 10/10

8. "After Dark"- 7/10

9. "Don't Lose Me"- 8/10

10. "Underrated"- 5/10

11. "Legacy"- 10/10

12. "Clout"- 8/10

13. "On Fleek"- 8/10

14. "Quarter Milli"- 6.5/10

15. "Red Room"- 10/10

16. "Came a Long Way"- 6/10


FAVORITE TRACKS: "Father of 4" feat. Big Rube, "North Star" feat. Cee Lo Green, "Legacy" feat. Travis Scott, 21 Savage, "Red Room"

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